Black Axe Mangal (B.A.M)

London: Black Axe Mangal (B.A.M)

If you are saying “yes yes yes!” when I tell you you’ll be in a smoky room from the Green Egg and the legendary wood-fired oven decorated with the faces of KISS, people laughing and yelling over heavy metal playlists, eating creative plates like smoked pig cheek & smoked cherry doughnuts and drinking crazy cocktails, canned beer and bottles of wine… GO.

Be prepared for a long wait to get a seat.

What is his background? Where did this idea come from?

Black Axe Manga (St John Bread & Wine Alum) started at Bakken bar & restaurant in Copenhagen where Tiernan manned the outdoor grill cooking ox heart or braised goat and smoked lamb kebabs, and flat bread baked to order.

Since then, Lee has has been a guest chef at places such as Mission Chinese Food,  Joe Beef in Montreal, the Breslin in New York and Le Fooding festival in Paris.

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Black Axe Mangal (Instagram)

Black Axe Mangal (B.A.M)