New Orleans: Bacchanal

Back in 2002, Chris Rudge’s little wine shop at the far end of town was the go-to drinking hangout for locals. That is, until Katrina changed things.

Then it became a gathering spot for recovery, where guest chefs came to feed the spirit and the bellies of hungry crowds called, “Bacchanal Sundays.” It sparked an idea to continue that speakeasy vibe, all day, every day – with live music, food, drink and camaraderie. Only City Hall wasn’t on board right away.

Surviving Katrina means you’re not afraid to stand your ground, and that’s exactly what Bacchanal did for a year in order to win the legal rights to what is now, the best adults only backyard party in town.

Eating food, drinking wine, laid-back all day lounging in an outdoor courtyard listening to live music, recovery and survival – the quintessential parts of New Orleans wrapped up in one backyard – true destination dining.

(a little extra info): The cheese plate is legendary.  But don’t order it first, fill up on bread & cheese and not have room for the delicious food. Living in France for 20+ years, I learned to order it after the meal so I can graze on it with more wine after. But y’all folks can obviously do whatcha’ want.