Paris: Candelaria

Adam, Carina and Josh’s acclaimed cocktail bar (World’s 50 Best Bars and Tales of the Cocktail) is an international destination for those who make the pilgrimage to Paris’ first authentic Mexican taqueria for tacos & craft cocktails.

Candelaria takes its craft cocktails and professional service…seriously. Everything is impeccably sourced, the owners care about every single detail. With them, it is personal.

If you’re an agave geek, Candelaria is most definitely worth a visit.

What to expect:

At night, you’ll be walking to find the address, only to find a pink ‘tacos’ neon sign in the window and perhaps a bouncer outside this tiny address.

When entering, you are in a narrow turquoise taco bar, but keep going to the end and push the wall open to find the cocktail bar in the back.

It will usually be packed but just find a place sitting or standing, and when a server passes by, grab their attention.

In the summer, the sun sets at 10pm so for the right ambiance I’d go after dinner. In the winter the sun will set by 6pm before they open.

Where to eat nearby: