Liquiderie Bar

Paris: Liquiderie Bar

If you geek out over unadulterated grapes and craft hops – you need to get to Julien Mailet’s Liquiderie Bar in Belleville, stat. He’s meticulously sourced over 400 natural wines and 200 craft beers – all in the name of being “committed to better drinking.”

Situated in the neon glow of the quartier’s Chinese restaurants – Julien renovated a former sports bar into one of the coolest bars in the working-class neighborhood. Popular with 20-40 year olds, the concrete warehouse space is packed nightly with a young hip crowd of locals and visiting industry. They meet up to drink and discuss everything from vinification methods to the virtues of lambic and double IPA. Beer and wine somms Valentin Leroy and Emma Aurelio are there to help – and there’s even a wall of wine & beer on tap. Pair it all with savory bar snacks by Chef Ana Tila. Think chick pea crisps with Zaatar, beer nann bread with aged Morbier, Parma ham & bleu cheese focaccia, oysters with house Tabasco and veal chakapuli stuffed brioche. Liquiderie is one of the few late night licenses in the city, so its the perfect spot to hang with great music – when you’re just not ready to go home.

Vibe + Crowd + Decor:

Laid-back and energetic at the same time – you’ll find a plugged in crowd of locals and visiting restaurant industry folk gathered around candlelit tables in a vast unfinished warehouse space with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Getting In:

Walk-ins, no reservations means its going to be busy during peak hours on weekends.

Good to Know:

Julien also has Liquiderie Cave – a take away craft beer and natural wine shop nearby in Oberkampf at 9 rue des 3 bornes.

Liquiderie Bar