D’Une Ile

Paris: D’Une Ile

Two hours from Paris we are driving through a pretty little corner of Normandy called « Le Perche » with the wind in our hair and sun on our faces past quiet pastures under blue skies with before turning into a leafy tree-lined narrow lane.

Suddenly even the country road we just left seems like a big city when we park at the top of the lane because the ONLY sound is the gravel under our tires, the constant humming of bees and we find ourselves whispering.

The guys have taken over an existing property called D’une Île  – “an island” which we now see is a 17th-c. hamlet surrounded by acres of forest with 5 rustic buildings for overnight stays (only 8 rooms, stunning, sunlit, minimalist white, crisp linens, natural stone, wood beams, tile floors & flowers from the property), worn garden furniture strategically placed around the property encourages a stroll to each for lingering with incredible views.a food garden with rows of bright yellow zucchini flowers, a sunny outdoor terrace for eating and an indoor dining room with fireplace for long winter dinners.

Menus change often with the seasons because the plants, fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, and cream are sourced from local farms and markets – and extraordinarily so – the seafood is delivered each day from a boat called “Petite Laura” whose fisherman fish the Chausney Islands.

It must be every chef’s dream to not only have a restaurant in Paris, that then becomes a Michelin/World’s 50 Best. Most Chefs would think that taking it to the next level would be a bigger place but I admire them for taking it to the country.

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