Laurent Dubois Fromager

Paris: Laurent Dubois Fromager

What to know before you go:

Cheese fiends get frustrated when they see how pretty the store is, how many cheeses there are and understandably want to run right in and get to business. Unfortunately for them, this is just not done in a proper cheese shop.

There is a process, because these cheeses need care in how they are packaged and taken-away. Only grocery stores package them for a quick self-service.

The staff speaks what I call “Cheese English” and can help you choose from the overwhelming selection. Although the Brie and bleus are gorgeous here, try to venture out and accept their suggestions for cheese(s) you have never heard of.

The presentation of any cheese plate, cheese course, and cheese shop is organised from mild to strong – starting with goat, sheer, cow from mild to strong.

Just give them three pieces of information and then they cut the cheeses to order.

  1. How many cheeses you want (ex: 3-5 pieces)
  2. How many people will be eating the cheese (ex: 2-4 people)
  3. When you will be eating the cheese (ex: today, tomorrow, the next day – then they will give you the cheese that will be ripe when you expect to eat it.)

Laurent Dubois Fromager