The French Bastards

Paris: The French Bastards

There’s an exciting young new generation of bakers in town. Known as the French Bastards – friends Julien Abourmand, David Abehsera, and Emmanuel Gunther – are actually the nicest guys. Kudos to them for refusing to take shortcuts, making them leaders in the next wave of “fermentation” bakers using tradition and technique along with their fun sense of humor. They source whole grains and organic flours, use only natural yeasts and long fermentation to create non-industrial bread, viennoiseries, and pastries.

Stop by and check out their pastry kitchen seen from the street or inside the store – they are having a ball and it shows. I mean anyone listening to AC/DC while rolling croissants has my vote.

Although they don’t take themselves seriously – you’ll find seriously delicious things made with a little sass and a ton of love.

What to Order:

“What to order” is asking you to do the impossible because there are so many choices here – and they can change by the day and season. In general, bakeries have viennoiseries, bread, and pastries but the “bastards” also have fresh-roasted coffee, gorgeous sandwiches, and salads.

Viennoiserie is baked yeast-leavened/laminated dough, with added eggs, butter, milk, cream, and/or sugar, rolled & layered many times. The idea of “pâtisseries viennoises” came to France from Vienna – hence the name. However, it is the French technique that perfected the use of puff pastry to shape pain au chocolat & croissants and more. Typically they are eaten at breakfast or an afternoon splurge. Don’t miss their pure butter croissants, almond croissants, apple + lemon bichons, chocolate pinwheels, chocolate-filled beignets, chocolate babka braided brioche.

The Bread can range from 3-flour bâtards (slimmer than a baguette), focaccia, Rye and Sourdough country loaves studded with Raisin, Cumin & Honey, or oat & cranberry…

Patisseries are eaten as an afternoon treat or as dessert. Don’t miss their charcoal vanilla eclairs, banana-caramel-Kelloggs tarts, lemon meringues & more.

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The French Bastards