FAQ: Which Area Should I Stay In?

This one simple tip will help you find the perfect neighborhood / arrondissement to stay in during your visit to Paris.

I get it, it is overwhelming making the decision where to stay.

Since wasting time zooming all the way across town by metro or stuck in rush hour traffic worried about making a reservation on time is not most people’s idea of vacation – I always suggest plotting your activities on a map FIRST, then deciding which area is most convenient.

For instance, are you coming to Paris to do a little sightseeing but eating & drinking is your main priority? Once you plot your reservation wish list, you’ll visually discover that most of them are on the right bank in theĀ 11th, which is the coolest food & wine neighborhood in Paris right now.

I suggest renting an apartment in that area, so that you can live like a local. Shop the morning markets and bakeries, go sightseeing in the centre during the day – then head home to your neighbourhood to relax for a quick rest before walking to the many wine bars & restaurants without ever having to leave it by car or metro.

Another example, if you see that you’ve plotted most of your itinerary musts in the centre of Paris where all the monuments & museums are, but you are hoping to eat & drink in the 11th, it will be a challenge time and energy-wise to get there after battling the tourists all day. Add to that, the more places there are to “see” in an area will mean less non-tourist options to eat & drink. You’ll have to do some compromising.

Here’s my roadmapĀ where to eat & drink in Paris by neighbourhood to get you started.