Paris: Brutos

Owners Ninon Lecomte and Brazilian chef Lucas Baur de Campos’s rustic little neighborhood spot is a carnivore and natural wine lover’s dream. Lucas grills, braises and roasts everything over an open-flame including juicy whole chicken served with garlic fries and spicy mayonnaise, the grilled beef bone marrow dripping jus into pureed potatoes is practically a legend, and beautiful aged beef steaks like the cote de boeuf with chimichurri and powdered arofa, a traditional Brazilian side dish made with toasted yuca flour/cassava flour to sprinkle over for extra va-va-voom. Don’t overlook the fantastic starters though like the hand-minced Adana lamb skewers or the pasteis, a riff on Brazilian street food filled with seasonal ingredients such as the deep-fried crab raviolis w/chorizo and smoked ricotta. Ninon is front of house serving family-style platters and in charge of their spectacular natural wine list. Brutos was built for groups of friends to share – rare for Paris – especially on the magical terrace. Sunday lunch is the most popular day of the week and locals reserve weeks in advance.



What to know before you reserve:

If you need your meat cooked well-done, it is better not to reserve here and risk be disappointed/offended when they tell you they won’t do it.

Plates and platters are served family-style so going solo is not giving you the opportunity for the full experience of sharing around the table.

Respect Your Reservation:

Confirm your booking the day before or if you can’t make it, please cancel.

If you don’t show up, not only do they lose business, they deny others who want to dine.