Le Mary Celeste

Paris: Le Mary Celeste

This late night raw bar is the cool neighborhood hangout wildly popular with locals & visitors – complete with killer playlists, craft cocktails, natural wine, and fresh seasonal sharing plates that change daily. Le Mary Celeste in the Marais continues to be a must visit especially in summer on the terrace and for the wild oysters in winter. With its corner location, light & breezy maritime decor that features whitewashed brick, round central bar and floor to ceiling windows that open onto the street, it has become a local gathering spot especially on weekends. During lunch and dinner its a calm place to hang out and in the evening after the kitchen closes it takes on a slightly more raucous vibe with revellers coming in for cocktails knowing that it is open late night.

Vibe + Decor + Scene:

Classy urban dive bar
Cool & hip crowd and music
No frills just great food & drink

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Le Mary Celeste