Le Servan

Paris: Le Servan

Sister Tatiana (Chef) and Katia (Sommelier) Levha are the heart and soul of Le Servan, the definition of a contemporary neighborhood bistrot. Situated on a corner in the 11th, this pretty little gem is filled with sunlight & people-watching thanks to the floor to ceiling windows as well as laughter and good vibes from the locals. Their combined international childhood and work experiences from Manila, Hong Kong, Thailand & France guide them in creating a friendly family place as well as an affordable a la carte list of French classics with Southeast Asian flavors. The menu changes every day. You’ll find Sichuan peppercorn, Thai basil, sweet chili, smoked curry butter and pistachio lime butter alongside classics like bone marrow, duck baked in brioche, crispy-skin pork belly and sweetbreads. Tatiana’s polished yet unpretentious cuisine is rooted in their family stories and her time at L’Aperge & L’Astrance, while Katia’s wine list is made up of small independent producers. They choose to work directly with sustainable fisheries, farm breeders and wine growers and run the business as sustainably as possible. From the minute they opened back in 2013 they were a hit overnight, not only with locals but with the international press as well as being named a World’s 50-Best Discovery. It is extraordinarily popular with locals, so book in advance especially as it is open on Monday when most other places are closed.

Vibe + Crowd + Decor:

Easy going laid-back vibe, an “everyone is welcome” feel as soon as the door is opened. Minimalist yet very pretty decor with mirrored walls and a wedding cake ceiling.

What to know before you reserve:

Le Servan creates menus with products from all parts of the animal. As much as I’d love for you to go, if you are a vegetarian or picky eater, it may be difficult to navigate around what is on offer.


Respect Your Reservation:

Confirm your booking the day of or in case you need to cancel, do so in advance.

If they don’t hear from you or if you don’t show up, not only do they lose business, they deny others who want to dine.

If you don’t confirm your table, they cannot guarantee your booking, and fifteen minutes after the time of your booking, the table can be replaced.

Le Servan