L’Ecailler du Bistrot

Paris: L’Ecailler du Bistrot

Oyster 101

Oysters in France are mostly eaten raw, served by the size/number as in Zero being the largest and °5 being the smallest. Menus are presented in this order, and you can choose from each category to create a large tasting platter… or create a regional combo to taste oysters from different regions: Normandy, Brittany, and Marennes-Oleron.

NEVER “lemon” the entire platter of oysters, only do them one at a time when you eat them. Unknowingly, you’re “cooking” them ceviche-style by allowing lemon acid to sit on fresh live cold oysters while you take your time eating them.

Serving oysters on ice freezes them. Their muscles tense up – just as yours do when you’re too cold. If they were kept refrigerated it isn’t even necessary. Here, they use the fresh Brittany seaweed that came in with the oysters as their bedding.

Respect Your Reservation:

Confirm your booking the day of or in case you need to cancel, do so in advance.

If they don’t hear from you or if you don’t show up, not only do they lose business, they deny others who want to dine.

If you don’t confirm your table, they cannot guarantee your booking, and fifteen minutes after the time of your booking, the table can be replaced.

L’Ecailler du Bistrot