Les Enfants Du Marché

Paris: Les Enfants Du Marché

Go to the gates of the Marais food market and follow the music to Les Enfants du Marché. Not only is Owner Michael “Mika” Grosman an avid music fan, but his family also owned a legendary celeb hotspot on the French Riviera for years – so trust me, Mika knows how to host a dinner party. Everything they do here is centered around music, good people, and stellar food & wine. Les Enfants is an extraordinary experience, especially on Sunday were anything goes. Where else could you have a talented chef like Shunta Susuki (ex: Maison Sota) cooking this level of gastronomy, Mika pouring natural wines and your table mate could be anyone from a winemaker, pop star or Michelin-star chef while a conga-line is forming behind you?  Before service, early risers will see huge whole St. Jean du Luz tuna, 3-kilo Brittany blue lobsters and baskets of fresh vegetables delivered direct from farmers, fisherman and hunters. Every chef I’ve taken from New Orleans to Sweden has said, “I wish we had a Les Enfants.”

Vibe + Crowd + Decor:

It is a vibe. You’ll find a who’s who of locals, visiting restaurant industry, farmers, wine growers, wine importers, curious tourists and above all … people who want a good time. It’s located inside an outdoor food market, accessed through iron gates partially hidden from street view. Go to #39, walk straight back, follow the music and stop at the bar-height tables & chairs.

When to Go:

No reservations, walk-in only system. It’s EXTRAORDINARILY busy during lunch (noon – 4pm) on weekends – the queue can be an hour or longer. Advice? Get here early with your entire crew all at once, and stay awhile. During the week, it’s less intense.


Bring patience. This isn’t your Amex Concierge is calling to get you in kind of place.  Wear tee-shirts, jeans and and an open mind.

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Les Enfants Du Marché