Paris: Mokonuts

Quick Look:

It may be a cute little place with the nicest people in the kitchen but it takes quality ingredients and feeding the customers seriously.

Pastry Chef Moko Hirayama (Ladurée) and partner Omar Koreitem’s (Daniel NYC) cooking-style is blend of their French, Lebanese, American and Japanese backgrounds – nothing is conventional and everything that can be made in house, is.

You’ll see a la carte menus featuring ingredients like za’atar, bergamot, tahini, lemon zest, miso paired with locally sourced vegetables, farm poultry, and seafood.

Moko bakes cookies throughout the day so they are warm and fresh, as well as other specialties like apple cardamom buttery pie, labneh cheesecake and more.


Don’t leave without cookies to go, trust me on this one

What to Order:

The menu is organized by starters, mains, and desserts. I always suggest going with someone else so that you can order the entire menu to share and taste everything. The mini house-baked pitas with house labneh dressed with za’atar spice are legendary. The sesame miso cookies are too. Everything in-between is seasonal fish, poultry and vegetables are delicious and change nearly every day.

Getting In:

Advance reservations are a must, especially on Monday. Call before/after lunch service.


Melissa Clark just featured them in the New York Times: At Mokonuts in Paris, A Dinner Reservation is Impossible to Get.

Sister Restaurants:

Mokoloco- a fantastic sandwicherie with home-baked/home-made goods, only a two minute walk away from Mokonuts, near Septime.