My Favorite Restaurants Open (part of) the Holidays

Paris: My Favorite Restaurants Open (part of) the Holidays

Which Paris restaurants are open between Christmas and New Year’s? These are my favourite right (and a few left) bank Paris bars, restaurants and food shops organized with a handy abbreviation key, by area and direct links to their Instagram pages.  They are on regular schedules except for the noted closing dates below. If you were overlooked in error or if you see an error, please feel free to DM me @parisismykitchen on Instagram or email me on contactme (at)

Since French families share dinner together Christmas Eve, you’ll find them shopping at food and wine stores in the morning. This is when they stop at the outdoor markets and restaurants to pre-order shucked oyster, crab and shrimp platters that are de rigeur to kick off that dinner. While the hero shuckers do their work, Parisians linger over a festive lunch with friends at places like @verrevole, @lemaryceleste and @lesenfantsdumarche before picking up the seafood trays on the way home. It is RARE for any restaurant to be open on Christmas Eve, yet this year, the one & only @chocho_paris restaurant in the 9th is open for a special 6-course Christmas Eve dinner.  Dec 31st is a holiday shared with friends so there are more social options available. Don’t forgot to stock up on Dec 31, everything will be closed on the 1st.

Exciting news for 2024: My first book on Paris Restaurants will be available in stores late spring and starting new private Belleville food & wine tours for you February – June before I start work on a Summer Olympics project. They usually book 6-8 weeks in advance, so don’t wait too late.

Bon Appetit, Bonne Année and Bonne Route!

Abbreviation Key:

ADC– All day café
AF – Asian-French
BG – Baked goods
BR – Butcher
BS – Banger Sandwiches
CB – Cocktail bar
CS – Cheese shop
CED – Christmas Eve day
CE – Christmas Eve
Date night
FS – Large portions served family-style
– Good for carnivores
GFG- Good for groups
IT – Italian
KC – Killer Coffee
MS – Michelin star
NB – Neo-bistrot
NYED – Open New Years Eve Day
NYE – Open New Years Eve
OWL – Outstanding wine list
R – Restaurant
SAB/R – Spicy asian bistrot/restaurant
SEA – Seafood
SF – Street food
SPWB – Sharing/small plates wine bar
TB – Traditional bistrot
VM Vinyl music
WS – Wine shop

2nd Arr: (Near Les Halles/Louvre)

Boneshaker Donuts: (BG, CED, SF) closed Dec 25/26/Jan 1

Goûte Wine Bar: (SPWB, WS) Closed Dec 23 – Jan 8

Faggio Panoramas: (IT, VM, SF) Closed Dec 24 – Jan 1

Frenchie: (MS) Closed Dec 23-25, Dec 31-Jan 1

La Jaja Bar: (SPWB) Closed Dec 24/25, Dec 30-Jan 1

Montezuma Café: (SPWB, VM) Closed Dec 23 – Jan 3

3rd & 4th arr: (Marais & Bastille)

Bistrot des Tournelles: (DN, NYE, OWL, TB) Closed Dec 24-26/Jan 1

Butcher of Paris: (BR, CED, FS, GFC, NYED, OWL) Closed Dec 24/31 after 13h. Closed Dec 25/1

Candelaria: (CB, CED, SF, NYED) Lunch only Dec 24/31. Closed Dec 25/1

Grand Brasserie: (NYED, NYD, TB) Open 7/7, Closed Dec 24/25

Homer Lobster: (BS, CED, NYED, SF) Closed Dec 25

Janet Deli: (BS, CED, NYED, SF) Closed Dec 25

Les Enfants du Marche: (CED, NYED, OWL, R, SPWB) Lunch only Dec 24/27/31. Closed Jan 1-15

Le Mary Celeste: (CB, CED, DN, NYED, SEA) Lunch only Dec 24/31. Closed Dec 25/Jan 1

Parcelles: (DN, OWL, TB, R) Closed Dec 23-27/Dec 31 – Jan 2

Restaurant Datil: (DN, NB, R) Closed Dec 23-Jan 2

Sain Boulangerie: (ADC, BG, CED, NYED) Open Dec 24 until 13h, Closed 25-27

Taka et Vermo: (CED, CS) Closed Dec 24 after 17h/25/31 after 20h30/Jan 1

5th & 6th: (Left Bank)

Augustin Wine Bar: (CED, NYED, SPWB, WS) Closed Dec 25/Jan 1-8

Chanceux: (BG, BS, CED, KC, NYED) Closed 25th/1/2

Restaurant AT: (MS, OWL, R) Closed Dec 24-27/31/Jan 1

9th: (Pigalle)

Chocho: (CE, NB, NYE, R) Closed Dec 25/Jan 1

Dumbo Paris : (SF) Closed Dec 24-Jan 1

Sister Midnight: (CB) Closed Dec 23-25, 31/Jan 1

10th arr: (Republic/Canal St Martin/Gares)

Blossom Burgers: (NYED, SF): Closed Dec 24/25/Jan 1

Café les Deux Gares: (ADC, DN, NB) Closed Dec 24 – Jan 2

Cuisine: (AF, DN, NB, OWL) Closed Dec 23 – Jan 2

Early June: (DN, NB, SPWB) Closed Dec 24-Jan 4

Le Verre Vole: (CED, SPWB, WS) Closed after lunch Dec 24/25

Lolo Cave a Manger : (SPWB) Closed Dec 23-26/Dec 31/Jan 1

Lolo Bistrot: (DN, NB) Closed Dec 23-26/Dec 31/Jan 1

Ozlem Doner: (SF) Closed Dec 23 – Jan 2

Rerenga : (CE, NYED, NYE, WS) Closed Dec 25th/26th/Jan 2-6

Restaurant Sur Mer: (CED, DN, NYED, R, SEA) Seafood platters to go Dec 24/31, Closed Dec 25-27, Jan 1-3

Taka et Vermo: (CE, NYED, CS) Closed Dec 25/Jan 1

11th arr: (Northeast Bastille)

Au Passage: (NB, SPWB) Closed Dec 24-26/31-Jan 2

Bambino : (NYE, VM) Closed Dec 24/25

Bar Principal: (CB, SPWB) Closed Dec 23-26, 30-Jan 3, Jan 7

Bistrot Paul Bert: (DN, OWL, TB) Closed Dec 24-26, 31- Jan 2

Brutos: (FS, GFC) Closed Dec 20 – Jan 2 (might open Dec 29/30 w/special menu)

Buck Fried Chicken: (NYED, SF) Closed Dec 24 dinner/25, Jan 1-6

Café du Coin: (ADC, SPWB, NB) Closed Dec 23 – Jan 1

Cave Septime: (CED, NYED, SPWB, WS) Closed Dec 24 after 20h, 25, 31 after 22h, Jan 1

Chanceux: (BG, BS, CED, KC, NYED) Closed 25th, evening 31st

Clamato: (SEA) Closed Dec 24/25/lunch26/Jan 1

Double Dragon: (AF, GFG, SABR) Closed Dec 24/25/Jan 1/2

Dreaming Man: (ADC, BG, KC, NYD) Closed Dec 25/31

Folderol: (WS) Closed Dec 24-Jan 3

Haikara Izakaya : (AF, SF, SAB) Closed Dec 23-Jan 14

Haikara Deep Fried : (AF, SF, SAB) Closed Dec 24-Jan 14

The Hood: (AF, NYED, SF, SABR) Closed Dec 24-26/dinner 31/Jan 1-2

Jones : (DN, IT, SPWB) Closed Dec 24-27, 31 – Jan 3

Geosmine: (DN, NB, NYE, OWL, R) Closed Dec 24/25/Jan 1

Goncourt : (NYD, SPWB, WS) Closed Dec 24/25/31/Jan 1

La Buvette: (CE, NYED, SPWB, WS) Open 24th and 31st 12:00 -18:00, Closed Jan 1

Le Dauphin: (OWL, SPWB) Closed Dec 23-26/31-Jan 4

L’Ecailler du Bistrot: (CED, NED, SEA) Open Dec 24/31 for takeaway seafood, Closed Dec 25/Jan 1

Le Saint Sebastien: (NB) Closed Dec 24/25/31/Jan 1

Le Servan (AF, DN, NB, OWL) Closed 24/25/31-Jan 3

Le Repaire de Cartouche: (OWL, TB) Closed Dec 24/25/31/Jan 1

Le Rigmarole : (SPWB) Closed Dec 24 – Jan 10

Les Oeillets: (SPWB) Closed Dec 23-Jan 2

L’Orillon Neighbourhood Bar: (SPWB) Closed Dec 23 – Jan 2

Mokoloco (NB, SF) Closed Dec 24-26/Jan 1-3

Mokonuts: (BG, NB) Closed Dec 24/25/31 – Jan 7th

Nonette Banh Mi: (AF, NYED, SF) Closed Dec 24-26/night 31/Jan 1-2

Red House: (CB, NYE, SF) Closed Dec 23-25/Jan 1

Schmoutz: (SF) Closed Dec 24 – Jan 1

Septime: (MS, OWL) Closed Dec 24/25/lunch 26/ Jan 1

Tapisserie: (BG, KC) Closed Dec 25

Ten Belles: (BG, BS, KC) Closed Dec 24-28

Vantre: (DN, NYE, OWL ) Closed Dec 24/25, Jan 1-15

Wills Deli: (BG, BS) Closed 24/25

12th arr: (Gare du Lyon)

Godaille (NB) Closed Dec 24 – Jan 1

Olga: (CS, SF, WS) Closed Dec 23 – Jan 1

Passerina Wine Bar: (SWPB) Closed Dec 24- Jan 3

Pur Vin: (CED, NYED, SPWB, WS) Closed Dec 24/31 after 20h

14th: (Southern Left Bank)

Cave des Papilles : (CED, NYED, WS) Closed Dec 25/Jan 1

18th: (Montmartre)

Chantoiseau (DN, NB, R) Closed Dec 23-Jan 2

Clove Coffee Shop: (BG, CED, KC, NYED) Closed Dec 25/Jan 1

Rock Bottle Shop: (CED, NYED, WS) Closed Dec 24 after 4pm/25/Jan 1 & 2

19th: (Menilmontant, Belleville)

Buttes Snack Bar: (SF, SPWB) Closed Dec 22 – Jan 2

Cheval d’Or: (AF, DN, NYE, SAB/R) Dec 22 – 27

Combat: (CB) Closed Dec 24-26, 31-Jan 3

Kissproof: (CB, NYE, SF, SPWB) Closed Dec 24/25/Jan 1

Lao Siam: (AF) Closed Dec 24-Jan 3

Soces : (DN, NB, NYE) Closed Dec 24/25/Jan 1-9

Quedubon Bistrot: (DN, TB, OWL) Open Dec 27-29