Yard Cave & Restaurant

Paris: Yard Cave & Restaurant

Nestled in a tiny enclave of cobblestoned alleys, Yard is packed with area artists, neighbors, natural wine makers, and other Paris Chefs & restaurateurs who are there every, single, night.  Curious passersby’s who hear laughter and music wafting from inside out onto the terrace wonder what the place is and stop to look at the menu outside. They make everyone feel welcome, as it is inclusive and lively. The cooking, natural wine list and community rock n roll vibe in the industrial loft setting are all the reasons to go. Simplicity is key on plates, but full on flavor. You’ll only find fresh seasonal menus, natural wines, music and good vibes here. Even in winter, the terrace is an ideal place to start with drinks and stay for dinner…then drinks after.



Vibe + Crowd + Decor

Urban chill rock and roll music vibe, industrial loft setting. Menus change often, check out their persona on their site and IG.

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Yard Cave & Restaurant