Al Timon

Venice: Al Timon

If you are looking to go where the locals are – them be prepared to socialize with them at the lively Al Timon. This canalside hotspot is actually a super chill hangout for locals at aperitivo with glasses of regional wines, strong spritz, and cicchetti. For dinner, it’s all about the grilled T-bone steaks cooked rare.

You’ll find them standing elbow-to-elbow at the bar, packed onto the cobblestone terrace, and even on the deck of Owner Alessandro Biscontin’s small boat moored out front when he hasn’t booked a band to use it for live music. You could reserve for dinner but that’s a bit uptight here where locals prefer to show up last minute and socialize until a place is available.

Getting In:

Call for a reservation after 5pm.
Large groups not possible.

Photo Credit

by Apsara Ashok

Al Timon