Experimental Cocktail Club

Venice: Experimental Cocktail Club

Experimental Cocktail Club’s newest address outside London and Paris is inspired by Venice’s storied cocktail history. Venice’s contribution to global culture includes its homegrown cocktails, like the spritz and the Bellini. Accessible by its own entrance, the Experimental Cocktail Club Venice is a prime location where guests and locals meet. Its barmen and women constantly update an original menu that highlights local spirits, infusions, and products. Experimental Cocktail Club Venice’s interiors are by Cristina Celestino, a rising star of Italian design. Both cozy and festive, with antique mirrors and a mixture of marbles, the bar pays homage to Carlo Scarpa, one of Venice’s most revered design talents. Il Palazzo Experimental’s guests are also welcome to enjoy wine, cocktails, and snacks in a secret garden, looking out onto the tiny canal in the back.

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©️Karel Balas