Venice: CoVino

Tons of personality as much as the wines. 

This photo is EXACTLY what you see is what you will get in terms of size – there are a few tables around the kitchen.

Covino was established in 2013 after a trip to Paris, inspired by the cozy and warm atmosphere of French bistros. Andrea Lorenzon and Cesare Benelli, long-time owner of the restaurant Al Covo, shared the initial idea and launched the project, thus starting up the place.


When You Arrive:

Its located off of a main thoroughfare on a back alley on a corner. You’ll see a glass door telling you to either wait at the door or ring the doorbell first. Why? The place is tiny with only 6 tables and an open kitchen. There isn’t room for people to gather in an entry or you’ll be barging right into the kitchen / the service area / reception / wine station / bread station, etc. You get the point. Don’t be that guy. Wait to be invited in.

Just wait / ring first and they’ll happily greet you.

The Vibe + Crowd:

Fun and boisterous – neighborhood bistro

What's To Eat + Drink?

Seasonal hot food and natural wines


Its just Andrea and one other person – professional and friendly. 

What To Know Before You Go:

The tables are close together since there are only 6 tables.

The staff will give you professional service and leave you alone – but if you want to engage – the service team loves what they do and love sharing what they know.

The wine list is a HUGE reason to go – if you don’t travel to drink organic / natural wines then this experience will be lost on you.

Getting In:

Reserve directly on their site. Don’t assume that because it is tiny or you heard Venice isn’t full of tourists and no reason to book. This place is a perennial favorite for locals and visitors from all over Europe.


CoVino Venice Italy