Paris Private Food Tour

Rave Reviews

The ultimate compliment is when people stop me in the street on one of my food & wine tours to tell me that I have the ‘Greatest Job in World,’ teaching about French food & wine culture, and it is all because of you. Thank you for coming along on the delicious adventures and for sending me so many heartfelt comments! Wendy Lyn

Paris Private Food Tour
"When we got back to the states and saw the article in the WSJ, watched Anthony Bourdain’s 100th show, and read Food + Wine / Travel & Leisure magazines - it affirmed our belief that our 'Wendy time' took us to the center of the food universe! Our time with her was amazing!"
- Peter G.
""Put on your seatbelt. You will experience more on a night out exploring Wendy’s multi-cultural residential neighborhood with her than you would on your own. She brings every bite, sip, place and person to life for you where Parisians live, eat, drink and play far from overcrowded tourist spots and over-hyped clichés." "
- Ashton
"“We followed Wendy on Instagram. We knew her private tour was going to be special but she actually blew our mind. From the delicious food we ate, new places we discovered to front row seating at the most talked about wine bars, to meeting the owners, we were just in awe. We’ve come home with bragging rights to some of the most eye opening foods, flavors and people she introduced us to. To a traveler who’s been to Paris like myself multiple times, if you think you know how to eat & drink this city, you are wrong – YOU NEED Wendy. You will experience Paris like never before. Wendy made us feel like her old friends. Thank goodness for Instagram. – Sue & Jeff”"
- Sue & Jeff
"The best thing we did while in Paris was hire @parisismykitchen for a foodie tour. Alixe and I felt like we were being let in on the secret, locals only spots around Paris. It was AMAZING. Wendy doesn't just bring you to restaurants, she introduces you to the industry people who are like her family. Have y'all seen the movie 'Midnight In Paris'? In it, Owen Wilson travels back in time to party and live in what would have been Paris in the 1920s. I told Wendy that I felt like THIS day was like my own version of Midnight in Paris! We stayed with her for hours and it still didn't feel like enough. We will be back! And if you're going to Paris, do yourself a favor and look up @parisismykitchen, she's the cream of the crop! "
- Bridget
"Yes, she is the most expensive private food tour out there but, wow, is she worth it. Within thirty seconds we realised we'd hit the jackpot with a star. She is a natural teacher, she opens your eyes in ways you didn't think possible, she'll put you in the know of the real Paris food world that you never knew existed so that you see Paris through different eyes for the rest of the trip. Macarons? Forget it. Try drinking wine with chefs for lunch at a wine bar and cheese tastings that will blow your mind. She took two strangers (us), embraced them as if she'd known them the whole of her life, and educated them on le vie a Parisienne (et tout de France!) We still talk about the trip and for me it was the best birthday present ever. No WAY we are going back to Paris without another Wendy date."
- Anne and Luke
"How do you make a trip to Paris even more memorable? Have Wendy Lyn give you a private food & natural wine tour of Paris. Wendy is an encyclopedia of Chefs and Restaurants and is happy to share her insights, knowledge & friends. Do this tour at the beginning of your trip and eat well the remainder. A 5-star tour and a most memorable day in Paris!"
- Oliver
"Not only the was the tour a total learning experience, it was just plain fun. Wendy’s knowledge, outgoing personality and connections made for quite the boring afternoon after our rock star outing with her. Within minutes of leaving her we were asking each other, "Can we hit rewind and do that again?""
- John and Michael
"We are back in the states now after a wonderful trip to Paris, and I cannot ever begin to express my gratitude for your absolutely amazing tour and the phenomenal experience you provided for us. I had a "permagrin" for days after meeting you. I teared up several times during the tour with you because your passion for what you do, your fabulous personality, and the wealth of knowledge you provided us (notwithstanding the amazing food and wine) was all very moving to me. The three hours passed quickly, but they created memories that will last a lifetime. I have told everyone who will listen about you and the tour you organized!"
- Bryan A.
"If you really think you know Paris and its world of food, guess again. The three-hour tour we took with Wendy through the Latin Quarter markets was fast-paced, engaging, and downright fascinating. Wendy, a Southern charmer who immediately puts you at ease, knows the food scene in Paris like the back of her hand. Each stop on the way becomes an intricate puzzle to work out, an enjoyable mélange of social construction, enlightening facts, and taste treats. Because everyone knows Wendy, she has automatic entrée behind the scenes, so you really learn how a bakery works, how a cheese store is organized, how shellfish should be evaluated, what separates the gold-medal foie gras from the simply good. The excursion flew by and left us hungry for more. Definitely a highlight of our stay, a beacon of light in the City of Light! Don’t miss it!"
- Michael and David, Cambridge, Mass.
"We truly enjoyed the opportunity to meet you and to spend time with you visiting a local market, fabulous cheese and chocolate shop and of course that wonderful wine bar. It was so great to see Paris from a completely different perspective and your insights were both entertaining and informative. Our food tour was actually the highlight of our short stay in Paris! We look forward to doing it again in the future."
- Shef and Sue
"No better way to spend a day – Wendy is one of the most gracious, hilarious and genuinely friendly people I have ever met. She knows everyone there is to know and gets you to the heart of the food scene pronto. You’ll love the walk… and Wendy!"
- B. Blackwell
"Wendy’s food tour was the best way to spend an afternoon in Paris. She knows so much history about Parisian food and took us to places we never would have found on our own. But most importantly, she is just so much fun to be around and knows everyone who is anyone in the industry."
- H. Katzman
"We had such an amazing time eating & drinking through your neighborhood with you, laughing AND learning so much along the way. We felt like we had the inside scoop on Parisian life and strolling along with your chic self we felt part of it all! Meeting celebrity chefs doing their shopping along the way was a little glamour that we didn’t mind one bit. It was as if you gave us our very own VIP passes to a Paris we didn’t know existed! I can’t stop telling people about the most romantic salt in the world that can only be collected when the sea wind is blowing from the East, the dreamy whipped butter, the creamy cheese and the natural wine were all too good for words. The company was excellent, the food delicious, the history fascinating and the whole experience is something we will remember always. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your tours to anyone – if you are not sure… go on – book it – NOW – the reviews are all true!!” – Carolyn B."
- Carolyn B.
"When you come to a city like this, so much of it is hidden, often in plain sight, and you need someone to open the doors. Wendy's deep knowledge and friendships with the who’s who of the Paris food world come shining through. All the food and wine was divine. Knowledge was priceless. Couldn’t have been better! What a completely charming day it was."
- Adam and family
"After watching No Reservations in Paris, we were excited to book our trip to Paris, but actually being there with Wendy Lyn was surreal. She made street scenes and the people you meet there seem so tangible. She took us to lunches & dinners where we sat as close to the kitchen as you could without being in the kitchen. The chefs were shouting out orders, constantly checking on us, sending out food, anxious if Wendy liked it or not out of respect for her opinion (as a retired restaurant consultant known by every chef in the world - we found out later by dropping her name everywhere from Vegas to NYC to London). Suddenly we were drinking wine with those chefs after hours, seeing the inside of their kitchens & wine cellars and “getting to know the best chefs in Paris,” went from a dream to a reality. She shared her "family" with us. The trip that I had planned would not have happened without Wendy. If you go to Paris and you don’t get in touch with this woman, I’m not sure the experience you will have, but if you do then I am certain it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. I’m still in Paris with Wendy, at least in my head."
- Chris S.
"Wendy really has a gift for this – her love of the food and the city and the history is palpable. Really, our tour is one of our highlights of my travel memories!"
- Mary Ann
"You truly are a gem and you did something I didn’t think was even possible — made us both fall in love with Paris just a little bit more. Who knew??? The croissants — heavenly. The baguettes — I still dream about them. The cheeses, oh the swoon-worthy cheeses. The chocolates — (I’m drooling now, can’t speak …) Future guests, Wendy – is a charming delight with Southern sass and true Parisian class."
- Joelle and John
"Nothing could have prepared us for the walk with Wendy! From the moment we met, we realized she wasn’t a ‘tour guide’ but a local friend. Just walking through the market we couldn’t believe the number of people who stopped to give her a kiss on the cheeks or say hello. She made us laugh when the bakery owner asked her if she thought his new pastry had too much butter – she said, “Honey, I’m from the South, nothing has too much butter!” We felt like we’d been adopted by a little corner of Paris – something we could have never done on our own. Everyone she introduced us to clearly went out of their way out of respect for her. Merci Wendy for bringing Paris to life for us!"
- Pam & Steve
"Loved our culinary tour with Wendy, definitely one of the highlights of our trip!! Had a huge lesson on cheese which I will now use in my everyday life… The artisan bakery was incredible!! Our last stop at the wine bar was amazing and I cannot say enough good things about it.Thanks Wendy for the great tour and information… What a great memory of Paris!!"
- Ray and Barb
"The knowledge Wendy shared with us reshaped the way we view food and food shopping. More than a week later, we’re still discussing what we learned, and I expect it to influence our food choices and cooking style for the rest of our lives. We were together for three hours and every minute was loaded with great content. She’s truly the best at what she does!"
- Liz
"We had an extraordinary experience shopping, learning & just having fun with Wendy. The time flew by and were was disappointed when it ended. We thought that we were pretty savvy foodies, but little did we know our lack of knowledge about Parisian shopping & food was holding us back. Wendy educated us quickly & enjoyably. The cheese shop etiquette was fascinating, the chocolate exquisite and tasting the burro sausage was unique. Thanks for sharing your friends & knowledge with us and see you again!"
- Pam
"We have been to Paris several times and wanted to do something different! My husband and I had a one month tour of France planned and the biggest part of the trip was finding great places to eat. Our first morning after arriving was spent with Wendy on her food tour and what a great way to start off our trip! We had a picture perfect day and Wendy was a terrific guide and hostess. We talked about what we learned throughout the rest of our trip and even since being at home. It’s hard to look at cheese or chocolate without thinking about that tour. We highly recommend Wendy and her tours – you won’t be disappointed!"
- Lisa and Larry
"Wendy showed us a treasure trove of gastronomic gems, all the while warmly imparting her knowledge of Paris and the etiquette of Parisians to us! Her tours were the highlights of our trip, our first in Paris. I loved the depth of her knowledge and how fascinating Wendy herself is-a walking-gem herself of a host of the City of Lights. Thanks so much, Wendy, I will return! "
- Christine
"This is odd for me as I do not usually leave comments, but every now and again while stumbling through life, something rather extraordinary happens, and when we look back there is this wow or aha moment that needs to be recognized. Wendy Lyn has layers of relationships in Paris food, markets, bakeries, cheese makers, restaurants, wine purveyors, chocolatiers and beyond. I did the ‘walkabout’, but not with Crocodile Dundee, rather, I did it in Paris with Wendy Lyn, and it is a memory for life."
- Richard
"We are all still savoring every moment we spent with you! Not only did we have the time of our lives but you were able to sandwich in so many tidbits about Parisian lifestyle that transformed the rest of our trip! The day you planned for couldn’t have been more perfect and will be told and retold many times I assure you. You certainly gave us your “love Paris bug” and we hope to never re-cover and return one day soon. In the meantime we wish you the very best and will continue to recommend you to all who venture across to Paris!"
- Bobbie
"One of the highlights of my trip to Paris. Nothing better than great company, food and wine to make a trip to Paris memorable. Thank you for your sharing your expertise and vibrant personality with us. We were so fortunate to have met you again on Saturday….just a little extra to enjoy. I highly recommend your tour!"
- Sherry
"Wendy’s walk is so much fun and so delicious, it should come with some kind of fabulous warning label! She provided me with one of the most memorable Saturday afternoons I’ve had since moving to Paris three years ago. Her passion for the city and its food makes her a treasure trove of information. I can think of few better ways to spend a Saturday afternoon that with Wendy, appreciating the delights of what Paris has to offer, at the market, at the cheese store, at the bakery, at the chocolate store… whether you’re a resident of Paris, or just visiting for a few days, this walk is a must-do!"
- Emily & Daniel
"I am still on a wonderful high from being in Paris in fact I think I am starting to go through withdrawal! I cannot thank you enough for making the trip to Paris a most memorable one. In fact, we are trying to figure out how we can come back next year- I have told all my friends about the unforgettable tour without leaving out any of the details. The many food purchases made – in fact more food purchases than trinkets – are being slowly consumed and squirreled away. Any time you need assistants in Paris give us a call we will be right there!"
- Janice & Shelly
"Thank you for your introduction to so many of the intricacies on selecting the best in food & wine. If you were French, it would be second nature. But for the uninitiated, it made sense to learn how to choose fromage or order from wall-to-wall bread and pastries. You took us on a wonderful food adventure that seemed to pass all too quickly. You are blessed with a gift of verve for life, and receive back the Happiness your friends and family within food and wine bring."
- Pam & Ross T.
Frenchie to go paris
"Wendy’s Paris food tour is great. I learned a lot and had fun at the same time. What could be better. And those ham croquettes that are in the picture are divine. Wendy shared her love of Paris with us and it made me fall even more in love with Paris. Merci et a bientot."
- Marisa
"Wendy is fantastic! Her love for the city of Paris, as well as France, is infectious, and we felt the same way by the end of our Food and Wine Walk. We had just flown in that morning, and Wendy arranged our walk for a little later in the afternoon so we would have time to rest. She took us to all of her favorite haunts where we could taste pain du chocolat, baguettes, wine, cheese, ham croquettes, and much more. It was the perfect introduction to Paris, and an excellent way to start off our trip! Spending time with Wendy is like spending time with an old friend. I would highly recommend the Food and Wine Walk to ANYONE coming to Paris. It will be one of the highlights of your trip!"
- Christine
"Wendy, I can’t say thank you enough for such an incredible time in Paris! I came to the city with one goal in mind – to experience the culinary scene – but the time spent with you and all the knowledge (and FUN!) you shared totally exceeded my expectations! What will I do now with mediocre cheese and ordinary sliders back in the States? My palate is forever destroyed. Guess I’ll have to visit again soon – and your number is first on my list. Again, thank you for such a delicious, exciting, eye-opening, exclusive experience complete with a touch of Southern hospitality. Hi to all our new friends and cheers!"
- Kate
Taste of Paris Food Tour
"I wanted to tell you that Jon & I had a WONDERFUL time with you on our food walk! It definitely was the highlight of our stay in Paris! We have told all of our friends and family about it and hope to come back and see you again some day! Thank you for showing such great places with such delicious food-we will cherish those memories for the rest of our lives! You are a terrific woman-we feel so fortunate to have spent the day with you."
- Kirsten & John
"I knew the minute I met Wendy that this food tour would be the highlight of my first trip to Paris. Not only does Wendy open up the world of old and new Parisian Cuisine through bakeries, chocolate, wine and cheese, but completely takes you in with her sparkling personality and her passion for food and, more importantly, the people around her. By the end of the tour, I fell in love with Paris and was ready to call the Left Bank (and her favorite little wine bar) my home!Merci Beaucoup Wendy! It was an experience I will never forget! Truly EXTRA!!!"
- Serena
"Wendy — We had such a great morning with you. We wish we’d had a chance to do our Food Tour earlier in our stay, and thus more time to revisit and shop and EAT! After some 15 visits to Paris, you turned us on to things we’d not known about that were right under our noses, and enriched our knowledge and love of our favorite city. Next time, we’re going to plan some extravaganza with you in advance, including sitting down and eating with you. You are great company on top of everything. Hope to see you in NY, and maybe show YOU a few things you don’t know!"
- Victoria & Eric
"Wendy, Wow what a wonderful two days. Rhea and I have been fortunate enough to visit Paris numerous times over the last twenty years and we thought we knew a lot about the city. The Left Bank Food Walk was a revelation. Your knowledge of the city, the food and wine scene and the artisanal vendors is amazing. We were entertained, educated and excited to see a slice of Parisian life that was new to us. Since our return to the US, we have discussed our memories of the tour almost daily. Thank you again and please know that we will not return to Paris without contacting you."
- Dennis & Rhea
"We were fortunate enough to book Wendy’s food and wine crawl on the 15th and we could not have been happier. Wendy was attentive to every detail. After our first “meet & greet” call, Wendy arranged an itinerary for a perfect afternoon down the left bank. She also provided me with a few travel tips that helped me for the rest of our great weekend. Her knowledge of the food “scene” in Paris was a tremendous resource. We are looking forward to going back for a longer stay and perhaps get to visit our favorite little wine bar again… that butter! Those Peppers! The Wine! Thanks again Wendy, and as we said, if you are ever in the hood, please look us up. We’d love to return the favor!"
- Sherif & Jen
"The best decision I made upon going to Paris was contacting Wendy, hands down! Whenever anyone asks about our trip, all we do is run on and on about how incredible our time with Wendy was. It was absolutely our best day! We experienced Paris eating like a long-time local. Not only does Wendy love food and have a passion for the people behind it, but she loves to share it with anyone who wants to join. This trip was a surprise birthday present for my wife and Wendy helped to make it unforgettable. We are already planning our next trip to Paris and we cannot wait to get lost in the food and wine again with Wendy!"
- Kevin & Neda
"From the moment I contacted Wendy for the Food & Wine Crawl she was incredibly helpful and a delight to work with. My wife and I choose the countries we visit based primarily on the cuisine; so much so that our itineraries revolve around our dinner reservations. Wendy was the perfect addition to our gastronomical honeymoon in Paris. She helped us find the perfect food gifts to take back home to our friends and family from places we would have never have found without her. I can’t praise Wendy enough for her love, knowledge, and passion for Paris’s food culture. She was an absolute joy to spend time with and my wife and I will never forget the experiences she shared with us. If we ever return to Paris, Wendy will be the first person we contact! We know she is capable of teaching us so much more! (not to mention she’s so much fun!) If you’re looking to learn about food & wine and have a great time along the way, contact Wendy, you won’t be disappointed. Mahalo Wendy for everything!"
- Gavin & Trisha
"Our usual approach to Paris is to read everything we can find and “do-it-ourselves” once we arrive. This time we signed up with Wendy for a personal Left Bank Food and Wine Crawl in late April and were amazed at how much new we learned about food and wine in Paris. Wendy is a font of great historical information as well as the latest insider tips- plus the best places to go for exquisite chocolate, wine, pastries, and even organic frozen foods! Her knowledge is personal and her warm and bubbly personality are a delight. Best of all, we have made a new friend in Paris. Go–you will be so glad you did!"
- Fran & Dan