Restaurants in paris

Paris Bistrot

Bistrot des Tournelles

Édouard Vermynck’s brand new French bistrot on a quiet street between the Places des Vosges and the Bastille, feels like its always been there.

Italian Restaurant in Paris


Perfect for date night, dinner with the parents or a group of friends, Carboni is Owners Sabrina Goldin and Stéphane Abby’s “ode to Italy” – their way.

Early June

Imagine you live in an urban loft with an open kitchen, your famous best chef friend is on the pass, you invite all your closest pals, pop bottles of wine and crank the music.

Les Enfants du Marche

Les Enfants Du Marché

If Owner Michael Grosman has a superpower, it is making everyone feel like part of his family. Everything they do here is centered around good music, good people, and stellar food & wine.

Le Verre Vole Saucisse Puree

Le Verre Vole

Cyril Bordarier and Thomas Vincente’s funky little place on Canal St Martine has been wildly popular with food industry folk around the world, and visitors alike, for years.

The Butcher of Paris

An extraordinary nose-to-tail butcher-to-table restaurant inside the historic Marché des Enfants Rouges.

Brutos Paris


A carnivore’s and natural wine lover’s dream, Brutos grills, braises and roasts everything over an open-flame.

Le Servan Paris

Le Servan

Sisters Tatiana & Katia Levha’s French-Asian bistrot is more popular than ever.

Le Mary Celeste Oysters

Le Mary Celeste

Wildly popular late night cocktail + raw bar and all-day weekend hang.

Bistrot Paul Bert

Bertrand’s wonderful classic bistrot is still on the “must eat” list even after 24 years.

Septime Restaurant Paris Wendy Lyn


Bertrand Grebaut & Théo Pourriat’s casual little charmer is also a World’s Best 50 and a 1-star Michelin restaurant, which makes it one of Paris’ toughest rez. The set menus highlight seasonal products and the natural wine list is extraordinary.